The NSYSA Referee in Chief is responsible for developing qualified referees using BC Soccer training and guidelines within the NSYSA district. A successful RIC will insure that development opportunities are provided to all registered referees no matter their experience. The Referee-In-Chief has the referee scheduler and Mentor Committee reporting to this position and is responsible for ensuring the duties of them are carried out effectively.


To recruit, retain and develop youth soccer referees within the North Shore Youth Soccer District of BC Soccer.

  • Experience in, or good knowledge of officiating the game of soccer (either past or present).
  • Preferred certification to level of district or regional referee through BC Soccer.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good IT skills using various Microsoft programs, and propriety software.
  • Preferred experience with teaching, mentoring and working with youth and adult soccer referees.
Reports to:

The board of directors of the North Shore Youth Soccer Association.

Description of Duties:
  • Liaises with BCSA to arrange and attend District Entry Level Referee Clinics early in the year.
  • Liaises with BCSA to arrange and attend small side and district referee refresher clinics early in the year for existing NSYSA referees.
  • Liaise with the NSYSA Chair and board of directors as well as club referee mentors on all aspects of referee development.
  • Liaise with referee schedulers (Both NSYSA and various League schedulers) and advise on appointments if required.
  • Work with coaches, parents and others to promote the Respect for referees, develop education programs and attend club meetings on request.
  • Hold informational meetings and sessions to advise referees of pertinent changes as required.
  • Be available to discuss any issues with referees and assist with and review disciplinary reports as required.
  • Attend disciplinary hearings as required.


Contact: John White