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Our house program is separated into boys and girls divisions which are further sub-divided by age groups.  If, for some reason you believe it is in the best interest of your child to play up or down an age group, then you must apply for this variance.  Please refer to the Policies and Procedures manual.


Our season is split into fall and spring sessions.  The fall session runs mid-Sept through November, weather permitting.  We take a break for the worst/best of winter then start the spring session February (weather permitting again) and play until mid-April.  Games are played on Saturdays.

Coaches begin contacting their players towards the end of August and the beginning of September.  Some coaches might be away so be patient if you haven’t heard from your coach when others have.  However, if you haven’t heard from your coach and there is only a week left until the season starts they please contact your division coordinator (see contact info below).  Note that if you registered late it does take a few days for your registration to be processed before the coach is notified.

On the last day of soccer in April we hold separate wind up ceremonies for U6-U12 and U13-U18 age groups.  This is where we recognize players and teams.  This is also where players will return their uniform jersey to their coach and receive their deposit cheque in return.  If jerseys aren’t returned to the coach by the end of April the deposit cheque will be cashed.


Please familiarize yourself with with our Bullying Policy.  Poor behaviour by players, parents, spectators, coaches, or referees is NOT acceptable.  If you witness what you perceive to be unacceptable behaviour at a game please tell someone (coach, coodinator, executive member as appropriate, see the Contact Us page).  We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.


2016/17 House Program Schedules

U6 Girls U6 Boys
U8 Girls U8 Boys
U10 Girls U10 Boys
U12 Girls U12 Boys
U14 Girls U14 Boys
U18 Girls U18 Boys

If you have any concerns about the schedule please email  Schedules are updated in September each year. If the grass fields are closed U14-U18 teams are to use the alternate all-weather field schedule.

Age Group Coordinators

Our wonderful, hard working, age group coordinators are the ones who get the league off the launch pad so to speak.  If you see them please give them a big Thank You!  If you have questions about an age group they’re the ones to contact first.

Div Girls Boys
U6 Kelly Miller Angela Day
U8 Leanne Drake Chris Green
U10 Lisa Manzini Nicole Sjogren
U12 Karen Furlotte Emma Seguss
U14 vacant vacant
U18 vacant vacant

House Program – FAQs

What does my soccer player need to play on a House team?
House players will need cleats, shin guards, black shorts. 1pair of soccer socks will be provided. A uniform deposit will be collected by the coach when team jerseys are handed out. When the jersey is returned to the coach at the end of the season the deposit cheque will be returned you.
What happens after we register to play on a team?
Program details, schedules, and start-up information will be on the SYSA website in late August. The player’s coach will contact you late August or the first week of September to let you know which team you’re on and when the first practice will be.

Soccer Registration

Our organization is split into two streams:
House and Select Programs.

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