Fields Information

Field Information

Regarding Use of the Artificial Turf Field

  • Clean cleats only.  Remove all dirt and grass and goose matter.
  • NO spectators or dogs inside the fenced area.
  • Water only.  No juice, gatorade or ORANGES.
  • Teams are to use the team area.
  • Please help look after this beautiful field.  Do not use the field unless you are booked on it through the coordinator at

Please take your repetitive drills to the dirt infields. We need to all work at preserving the grass. For those unsure… hurdles and ladders are fine examples of repetitive drills.

Field Status Update Procedure

District staff usually update their website with the field status late Friday afternoon.

Click here for a map of the fields.

Field Schedules

Field Booking

Fields and Practices

To inquire about having the lights turned on at the turf field please contact:  confirm with the fields coordinator!

To book a grass field at Brennan Park or an artificial turf field for practise for please contact the fields coordinator

Please also respect the age restrictions on our smaller fields.  They are intended for younger and lighter players. The DOS has stated that any senior youth or adult team should be using fields 1 and 4, the two larger grass fields, or will be subject to a field ban and fines.

The DOS has requested that repetetive exercises take place on the infields to preserve the grass.

If you want to book a school field or gym (for indoor practices) then download, print, fill-in, and take the Facilities Request Form to the district office.